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How to make a viral video before 2019 ends?


Everyone wants to become an overnight sensation on social media. Viral videos seem to be the easiest way to get famous. You may be on social media apps like TikTok, Helo, Likee or even Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but your videos don’t seem to be getting the right type of views.

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Here are 5 easy steps to follow:

1.    Make sure your content is original and not a copy of some other video

2.    Be your natural self, use your craziest style of talking – something that attracts people to watch it. In short, don’t dress like a hero or do excessive makeup like a female model

3.    Practise your video or take some extra retakes so that it looks naturally perfect

4.    If you don’t have a selfie tripod, ask someone to shoot it for you. Make sure the shoot is clean and not shaky

5.    Choose a trending topic which could get good views

6.    Use right hashtags so that the mobile app picks it up sooner than expected

7.    Promote the video on social media actively – don’t just post it on your account but also post on FB and whatsapp groups

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8.    Research has proved that videos shot in outdoors do much better than indoor ones

9.    If the humour is spontaneous, original and perfect – your chances of getting more views is easier.

10.                       Make 10 videos in 2 days and post them at different intervals not in a single shot. Once one of your videos goes trending, the views on the other videos will also increase

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