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What's the latest news about Silicon implants?

Silicone implants are filled with a different formulation of the material that makes up the shell. As a polymer, it is thicker and more viscous than salt water, which many women prefer due to the material acting and feeling more like natural breast tissue.

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Silicone leaks are not as obvious since silicone does not easily flow like water. In order to detect a possible rupture of a silicone-filled implant, women need to have a special screening that detects problems. I recommend that women get regularly scheduled check-ups throughout the life of their implant in order to ensure its ongoing proper function.
In recent years, a modified version of silicone, known as "form-stable silicone," has become a popular filler. This material has even fewer liquid properties, resembling more of a thick and chewy candy, such as a gummy bear. Nicknamed "gummy bear implants," these are even more likely to stay intact in the case of a rupture – though routine check-ups are still recommended.

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