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How is the YouCam Perfect app for selfies?

YouCam Perfect is indeed my first choice when it comes to best selfie camera apps for Android. Right off the bat, it offers options to beautify your face, eyes, and color tones in real-time. The picture editor, on the hand, takes beautification to the next level by catering options to enhance nose, change eye size, remove acne, and more.

The body reshaping feature is one of the USPs of this app, using which you can make yourself appear slimmer & taller. As far as group selfies are concerned, the app automatically scans all the faces to provide personalized beautification for each face in the frame.
Moving further, you can remove unnecessary components from the frame, blur objects, and replace the background from available templates. Overall, YouCam Perfect will suit most of the users who want a feature-rich camera app to amp up their selfie game.

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